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Nihang Warrior - 1/12

Nihang Warrior - 1/12
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Nihang Warrior - 1/12
Référence : MK62
Marque : Kontraros Collectibles
Edition limitée à 170 exemplaires.
Matière : Résine de grande qualité
Echelle : 1/12
Taille : 10 cm env.

Sculpteur : Mickaël Kontraros
Peintre box art : Kirill Kanaev

Nihang warrior

The Nihang are an armed Sikh warrior order originating in the Indian subcontinent. Early Sikh military history was dominated by the Nihang, known for their victories where they were heavily outnumbered. Traditionally known for their bravery and ruthlessness in the battlefield, the Nihang once formed the irregular guerrilla squads of the armed forces of the Sikh Empire, the Sikh Khalsa Army.
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