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Jahb'I Kalehm - 1/16

Jahb'I Kalehm - 1/16
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Jahb'I Kalehm - 1/16
Référence : ABY95
Nom complet : "Jahb'I Khalehm, merchant of Nerei"
Marque : Abyssoul
Matière : Résine de haute qualité
Echelle : 1/16
Taille : 40 mm jusqu'au sommet.

Concept art: Mirko Failoni "Docfile"
Sculptwork: Peder Bertholdy
Peintre Boxart: Fausto Palumbo

Nombre de pièces : 3

Les photos 3 et 4 sont des peintures d'Alessandro Gobi.
La photo 5 est une peinture de Francesco Olivieri.

"Hello fellow sailor, you offered me a beer for my dry toath.

You are so generous, so let me introduce myself: I am Jahb 'I Kalehm, the most appreciated trader here in Nerei. I am the only one that can provide you beatiful jewels, strange poisons and the best information about your enemies. But I am quite sure that if you have found me in this Tavern at this hour, you already know about them.

And if you were interested in my jewels, you would have visited me in my shop...not here, with the grace of the darkness.
Oh, don't worry about my lemur. He is extremely curious, but he will not bite you.
What? Is really the first time that you see an animal like this one as a companion?
In my homeland, Jinn, this is a common thing. Have you ever been there? We are used to live in cities created underground, the temperature there on the surface is really too hot for any living creature. Nowadays I am more an Eurisia citizen, many years passed since my last visit there.
So...What would you like to know about your enemies, Skoll?
Are you really surprised that I already know your name?
I just told you that my job is to know about the enemies of my generous customers...."
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