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Goblin king - 54 mm

Goblin king - 54 mm
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Goblin king - 54 mm
Référence : ARA59
Marque : Aradia miniatures
Matière : Résine de haute qualité
Echelle :1/32
Taille : 54 mm

Concept : Stefano Moroni
Sculpteur : Piqui (Antonio F.Lizaso)
Peintre : Iguazzu (Alex Varela)

Nombre de pièces :21

Texte d'ambiance (anglais)

Below Ancient Wood, underground, there are wet and mossy caverns. A parallel world to the world above - the one illuminated by the Moon and the Sun - is stirred in the darkness of the earth: in the dark, under the earth that we walk every day, living creatures who have never seen the light of the stars. A single entrance guards the pass to this world, and it’s located between the roots of a large tree, only one among the millions who populate Ancient Wood. From there, an underground and pendant road, sprinkled with mildew, mushrooms and damp earth leads to a large cavern lit by the dim light of a few candles. It’s the hidden realm of mice, goblins and other deformed creatures on which governs the Goblin King, by themselves called Golfagor, which means "the one who holds the false light."

His bed is his own throne, where he eats, lives, sleeps and satisfy his whims, proud of the candles that he himself discovered many years ago by mixing the fat of mice with saliva of goblins around mushrooms compressed that served as the wick. Since then, he became the king of those beings have always lived in the dark, whom could make use of his discovery. But someone, it is said, one day he managed to find the way out of the underground kingdom - even more difficult to find access to - and on his return told about the true light of the Sun and the Stars and what other beings , very different from the goblins, do up there. The lucky - or unlucky - he was done immediately kill by the Goblin King who ordered to use her fat to make more candles, shouting that the one discovered by himself was the only true light and that the goblin was a liar and a traitor; despite that, from that day, some goblins began to seek a way out of their kingdom and that was when their king, without his knowledge, was given the name of Golfagor.
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