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Ashram - 1/12

Ashram - 1/12
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Ashram - 1/12
Référence : ABY96
Nom complet : " Ashram, the ancient priest"
Marque : Abyssoul
Matière : Résine de haute qualité
Echelle : 1/12
Taille : 55 mm (jusqu'aux yeux)

Concept art: Mirko Failoni "Docfile"
Sculptwork: Valerio Carbone "Korax"
3d printing: Abyssoul
Peintre Boxart: Fausto Palumbo

Nombre de pièces : 5

One chime.
Two chimes.
Three chimes.
Then, the darkness.
More chimes.
I have really no idea how many actually passed, I lost counting after a while.
I was on the Whitlatch dock when the Call came.
And then, the chaos.

We woke up at the mercy of the waves, in the midst of a storm we had no memory of.
Drinking companions who rip off their hairs screaming and uttering incomprehensible sentences, hubs who cut their throats, sailors with years of experience on their shoulders faint from terror by foaming from the mouth.
And us.
Shiny and strong like never before, almost unnaturally.
A flash struck a few meters from the ship, with a thunder I have never heard before.

Few will believe me, but I swear on my own life that I have seen the shadow of a giant creature in the middle of the storm.
It was high like a building, and was dragging himself with a giant anchor.
On his back there were a strange bell, with screaming faces that made horrible sounds.
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